TEDxYouth@Sundsvall 2021 TEDxYouth@Sundsvall 2021, TEDx
27/05/2021 (18:00)
Online (no charge)

TEDx event creates waves of change all around the world.
Welcome to 2021 years TEDxYouth in Sundsvall. This year the event will take place online and the theme is “Dare to be Creative!”

Follow us on a magic and inspiring evening where young speakers, from all over the world, share their creative and new-thinking idéas about the present and the future:

  • How to do your best?
  • Why protest for your rights during an ongoing pandemic?
  • Colorism, how to eradicate it, and self-motivate dark skin individuals.
  • Remote work and its role in the future

Besides inspiring speakers you will also have the chance to see performances from enthusiastic and talented artist that will bring you in to their world of art. You can listen to brand new music or try to figure out magic tricks.

Also this year you have the possibility to win really cool prizes at the event – AND you can participate in our social media challenge, that will be released on Instagram. Join our challenge “Dare to be Creative” and compete for a special prize!


Ulviyya Asgarzade

Ulviyya Asgarzade

Project manager

My name is Ulviyya and I am 25 years old. I am currently working as a project manager in a youth center in Azerbaijan. I started working as a volunteer in international projects in 2015. These projects have changed my whole life. I’ve been working with youngsters for over 5 years and I’ve found my way. This way took me to Sundsvall to volunteer for a year and left a mark in my life.

During my talk, I will share my experiences that I learned on my way. I started harvesting what I had planted a few years ago. Of course I failed sometimes, but knowing that I was doing my best is an important feeling for me. The main thing is not to be the best, but to do the best. Striving for perfection in everything we do can create a great deal of frustration in our life.

Sudhiksha Lingareddy

Sudhiksha Lingareddy

Experiences of colorism

My name is Sudhiksha Lingareddy. I am a 15-year-old, first generation, Asian-American and am currently studying as a high school student in Arizona, USA. I enjoy and am passionate about public speaking and writing about issues our world is capable of fixing. One day I hope to be able to reach a big audience to share my ideas. My interests in public speaking circle around ideas of motivation, social injustice, economic injustice, and spirituality.

In my Tedx Talk, I will be sharing my experiences of colorism, how to eradicate it, and self-motivate dark skin individuals.

Fredrik van Huynh

Fredrik van Huynh

Co-Founder of Absolute Internship

Fredrik  is an award-winning Swedish-Cambodian Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Adventurer and a Martial Artist. Co-Founder of Absolute Internship, an award-winning leading global internship program matching university students with internships in-person and remote at top companies around the globe.

Passionate about inspiring students and the future generation, he is a firm believer in remote work and why it’s critical for the future generation to embrace it. Fredrik is recognized as one of Sweden’s top entrepreneurs, having built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up.

David Asplund

David Asplund

Cultural Anthropologist

My name is David Asplund, and I recently graduate with a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside. For years, I have been working with a plethora of different projects ranging from tourism in national parks in the United States, presenter on public speaking events on topics such as youth democracy and equity, and how to improve communication within organisations. My current research interest is how transnational adoptees navigate identity formation.

However, for my TedxTalk I will be giving an informative speech on the Black Lives Matter movement using an anthropological perspective. I will be addressing an intersection of avenues, which aims to explain why, despite a global pandemic, people chose to protest even though large gatherings of people is highly discouraged. I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to partake in this.


Info coming soon….

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